Sustainable Development Goals: Resources for Enhancing CSR Strategies & Policies

As part of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, at the macro level, the Sustainable Development Goals (also known as SDGs or the Global Goals) represent international developmental priorities that nations should focus on in order to achieve sustainable development. This information note provides a brief overview of some vital resources that businesses and organizations can explore to engage with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goalsdevelop a new CSR initiative, polish their business models, or strengthen stakeholder engagement. These resources include:

  • This Network is a great way to align your organization’s employee volunteer program with the Sustainable Development Goals. Pathways to accomplish this alignment through IMPACT 2030 include cross-sector and cross-industry collaboration to quantify the effects of volunteer commitments, and participating in multi-sector Regional Voice Networks.

  • Partnership Opportunities A unique feature of the Action Hub is that businesses or organizations can develop their own projects and reach out to potential partners.

  • Interested in exploring inclusive business models? BCtA’s member companies’ business models address issues connected to healthcare, water, and education.

  • Local Networks: Join a Local Network of the Global Compact and gain access to resources that build up your CSR strategies and policies. The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact span issues related to Human Rights, Labour, Environment, and Anti-Corruption.

  • Each year the UN’s High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) brings together government representatives, businesses, and civil society organizations to build knowledge on specific countries’ progress towards the Sustainble Development Goals. Each country report that is published on the Knowledge Platform (known as the Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs)) highlight select national or local initiatives particular governments are partnered with. Businesses or organizations can utilize the VNRs to identify and engage with similar initiatives in their countries that are geared towards specific SDGs.

The SDGs encompasses universal applicability, and a consideration of the competencies and degrees of development in different nations, as it pertains to the needs and policies of those nations. At the local level, the SDGs embody a way for local organizations and businesses to improve the quality of life for communities in the areas of health, education, employment, gender equality, youth empowerment, preserving the environment, and capitalizing on partnerships with the public and private sectors. The SDGs also represent an excellent opportunity to develop partnerships with entities from the private sector, Governments, the United Nations, civil society, and academia. Further information about the SDGs can be located on the SDG Knowledge Hub.

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