#SmartSnippet: Social Investment demands strategy

Today’s #SmartSnippet comes from D3 co-founder Akash Ghai who recently shared his thoughts on the Thomson Reuters Foundation survey on the best countries to be a social entrepreneur.

When it comes to business ethics, the tide is turning in favour of tomorrow’s social entrepreneurs, yet they face a unique set of challenges. Reviewing your strategy to address the social question you ultimately aim to put right needs to become second nature if you are to avoid being consumed by the demands and expectations of social investment.

“Putting on both hats – business and social-development – has a unique set of challenges that isn’t for everyone. At times you can be pulled in both directions, which can lead to oversights. Having mentors and advisors with experience in your  field; and building a team that understands your mission means having right people around you that will determine and support your ability to make an impact.”

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