Development3 Hires Director of Operations and Strategy

Development3 (D3) is delighted to announce the appointment of Ms. Rachel Klopper as Director of Operations and Strategy. With a fascinating background working across both the corporate and NGO sectors, Rachel brings crucial knowledge and expertise to build our organizational capacity. She manages internal operations and the company’s business development strategy. As D3 continues to grow in the world of corporate social responsibility and change management, Rachel ensures D3 attains growth and maintains the operational readiness to support clients. She will seek to drive the high performance and continuous improvement culture that D3 embodies.

My interest in D3 started with my desire to pursue a career in an industry that I believe has the opportunity to facilitate my personal growth and inspire change in in the world. D3’s unique position as a firm that works with the corporate world to promote social change fit the bill, and I could not be more excited to help grow the firm and spread its mission.” Rachel Klopper, Director of Operations and Strategy

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