Development3 and ISO 26000 Social responsibility

Today’s companies need to meet the reality of issues faced by everyone: technological disruption, globalization, consumer scrutiny, and climate change. Beyond strict sustainability and diversity protocols, the companies of 2018 have the opportunity to spearhead a new capitalism.

In 2014, the International Standards Organization (ISO) introduced ISO 26000 – Social Responsibility to help companies operate in socially responsible ways. ISO, an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national organizations, champions and offers numerous standards ranging from ISO 37001 Anti-bribery management systems to ISO 9001 Quality management.

With ISO having created the social responsibility standard, companies focused on CSR are empowered to play more active roles in shaping societies.

Many companies find it challenging to integrate social responsibility standards into their organizations due to the high levels of complexity, lack of practical examples and agreed upon guidelines. ISO 26000 provides a framework for integrating responsible modelling through a step-by-step process.

As an international firm, Development3 (D3) uses ISO 26000 – Social Responsibility as the foundation of the work we do with our clients. ISO 26000 is the international standard on social responsibility.

Being ISO 26000 compliant helps your company to:

  • Encourage better informed decision making
  • Strengthen its risk management practices
  • Achieve savings associated with increased productivity and resource efficiency
  • Improve stakeholder relationships
  • Attract, hire and retain talent
  • Increase its competitive advantage including access to finance and preferred partner status
  • Promote an organizational culture of continuous improvement and quality management
  • Achieve an enhanced reputation and strengthened credibility

At Development3 we are well versed in building CSR strategies aligned with a company’s purpose. For CSR to drive value, companies need to adopt a long term and formal plan that engages leadership, employees, customers, and communities of operation. Many companies hold back on their social platforms due to the complexity of creating successful CSR platforms.

Our process begins with an in-depth assessment of all activities from decision making, governance, operations, policies and processes and then examining a company’s external CSR-related activities (donations, volunteering, partnerships) to determine where the company could better align its mission with its practices. Our custom solutions include:

  • Educating companies on the different strands of social responsibility (operational, economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic)
  • Assessing companies that currently have, or are seeking to pursue, social responsibility
  • Helping leaders understand the importance of stakeholder management in social responsibility
  • Building, designing and implementing social responsibility strategies and policies
  • Developing strong Global Reporting Initiative monitoring and reporting practices that align with international standards
  • Promoting companies that are genuinely socially responsible by using industry connections to successfully partake in cause marketing for our clients

To learn more about the benefits of social responsibility or how Development3 can progress your company’s social journey, contact us at

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