Moving from startup to industry leader is no mean feat. Initially, a startup requires tunnel vision, complete focus on survival. Ensuring that the product or service is wanted while addressing day-to-day challenges. The shift from survival to growth, is an important one. Determining the corporate culture, setting expectations of all stakeholders and refining what works is vital when growing a company.

Adore Me is a New York based, online lingerie retailer that is shifting from startup to growth. The company has grown significantly since its inception in 2012. Currently, Adore Me is on task to open hundreds of retail stores across the United States, as it looks to establish itself as an industry player. The company is bravely walking where few online retailers dare to tread and Social Responsibility is vital to this journey.

D3 assessed where Adore Me was positioned with regards to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and one of its core focuses, Women Empowerment. We explored the company against four subject areas: Organizational Governance, Human Rights, Consumer Issues and Community Involvement and Development.

The Best Bit

A growing online retailer making the move to bricks and mortar.


To assess Adore Me’s appetite for and commitment to both Social Responsibility and Women Empowerment.


We evaluated the CSR maturity of Adore Me against industry competitors. We identified the current and target CSR states, and mapped out a detailed plan of action. We developed the foundation for Adore Me to build principles, strategies, initiatives and frameworks for their CSR legacy. As their accountability partner, D3 continues to help Adore Me shape their CSR efforts over the coming years.