About Us

Our Story

Development3 (D3) works with growing organizations from around the world, to build their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) legacies. We believe CSR is an integral purpose-driven element that changes the organizational fabric of a company for the better.

Beyond our ability to design, manage, and implement CSR, we help organizations communicate their efforts and impact through innovative communications and reporting practices. As an outside agent, we bring clarity and creativity from a place of deep commitment to change.


D3 believes that every organization has the capacity to achieve sustainable, long-term social and environmental impact.


D3 helps mid-sized organizations integrate CSR into their day-to-day and long-term practices.


We help organizations by:

  • Assessing their ability to pursue and appetite for CSR.

  • Creating and implementing CSR initiatives that align with international standards.

  • Helping communicate their social and environmental efforts.

  • Leveraging our cross-sector industry experience to create value-driving opportunities.

Meet the Team

Learn more about the people behind D3!


Akash Ghai
Founder & Managing Director

Akash helps organizations pursue social responsibility. He has worked across the corporate, government, intergovernmental and NGO sectors, dedicating himself to building the core  functions of organizations. He has mastered the ability to determine the impact of social responsibility against an organization’s vision and goals.  He has worked with many growing organizations from around the world to help them see that social responsibility is more than just a marketing tool. 


Mikaela Fernandez
Senior Consultant

With experience spanning the public, private and NGO sectors, Mikaela has acquired practical skills in understanding these sectors and how they can strengthen each other. Her main inspiration and passion for CSR derives from believing private companies can be game changers. They can shape prosperous and fair societies while creating true win-win situations. 


Elizabeth Mhangami
Head of D3 Africa

Lizz has a deeply rooted commitment to Africa. She firmly believes that the private sector can bring meaningful and sustainable impact to struggling communities. With over 10 years experience in economic development and social protection, Lizz endeavors to support D3's international reach, by driving SR in sub-Saharan Africa. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Lizz is the founder of a youth development social enterprise and an advocate of both gender equity and food security.

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Sumeet Sandhu
Head of Marketing and Communications

Sumeet is an expert in developing communications for businesses. He brings with him a multi-faceted skill-set having practiced in medical law as well as working in marketing and business development within both private and public sector organizations. Sumeet’s approach to communications is influenced by his passion for ethics in service provision.